Monday, September 8, 2008

Issue of the Week - Sept 8 - Sept 14

Coping with Change

For many people these are times of great change. The changes may be created by outer circumstances that are out of our control. Even then, we do not have to take on the role of passive victim. While it may be extremely difficult to see how we have any control, we always have the possibility of controlling ourselves, our reactions and responses, our way of thinking about the situation. Often referred to as 'attitude adjustment.'

I've read books written by survivors of prison-camps who said that the only thing they had was their inner life. Inside themselves they controlled their thoughts and feelings and so were able to survive the most horrendous things, living on to be caring human beings and having a normal life.

This has always served as a model for me. Nothing I have ever experienced compares to what prison-camp survivors have been through, yet, I can walk around miserable and hopeless. Even while I'm doing it I think "what's up with this? Why am I so depressed, hopeless, unhappy ....." fill in the blanks.

It can be just a habit, like any other and it may be as hard to break as any other habit. We may hang on to our habit of being 'miserable'. Or, we may have some genuine problems.

The changes that are occurring in our lives may be ones we have initiated. They can still be stressful. In fact, it is said that change causes a great deal of stress, even if it a positive change. Getting married, getting a promotion, moving to your dream home - even these things can cause stress. The animal part of us likes its routine, whatever it is.

Before I go to describe the essences, I must take a detour. When I initiated this part of the blog, I assumed that my readers had a familiarity with flower essences and gem elixirs. It has become apparent that there are some misconceptions.

Flower essences, gem elixirs, planetary formulas, or environmental essences are energetic imprints in water, usually preserved with brandy. They do not have a scent. They are not essential oils and so this is not a form of aromatherapy, which is another effective, yet quite different modality.

They represent conditions or states that we are seeking. The underlying belief is that all beings, as part of the cosmos are seeking coherence and resonance. When we feel we are 'out of balance' we can use these substances to help us realign energetically.

An important part of the process is intention, therefore, if someone unknowingingly or unwittingly takes an essence, it will have no effect. It is not a magic potion that you just take and it does all the work. There has to be intention on the part of the one taking the essences and a desire to participate in the transformation process. Essences provide us energetic support for something we already want to accomplish. So we have to have spent some time observing ourselves and how we are behaving. They have no effect otherwise. Now, there are those who say they are merely creating a placebo effect. So? if it works, what is wrong with that? If you are depressed and take a flower essence and stop being depressed, great!

The books by Stephen Buhner featured in the Carousel are among the most amazing books I have read about the reality of energy healing and the relationship between the plant and animal kingdoms.

Here are two formulas from the Desert Alchemy Composite Formulas that can assist with going through change.

Bless the Old-Embrace the New Formula

Transitions Formula

See the Desert Alchemy website.

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seanymph said...

I think gratitude helps alot too. I know that when I started to change my point of view from one of lack to abundance and gratitude, many days of feeling like what you speak of here .....changed for me. It wasn't ez to start doing.Its hard to change your mindset. But the books by Sarah Ban Breathnach and Simple Abundance got me started.

Today they are still the books I turn to when I'm feeling a bit lost or down. They give me a different way to look at things. I never did do the journaling, its not something I enjoy but picking up the book when I felt down always seemed to spark something inside of me.

We can stay stuck or we can find another way. Its a choice.