Monday, January 5, 2009

Issue of the Week - Jan 05 - Jan 11, 2009

This week I approach this from a different perspective. Since the Herb of the Month (J. Berger, Herbal Rituals) is Sage, I thought I would go from the essence to the 'issue'.

This is what The Complete Floral Healer, by Anne McIntyre, has to say about Sage Flower Essence.

'Sage enhances the capacity for drawing wisdom from experience and is particularly recommended for people who find it hard to find purpose and meaning in life. They may feel resentful about events in their lives, seeing them as ill-fated or undeserved.

Sage is a remedy especially suitable for our later years, for helping to accept what life throws up for us in a calm and detached way. It helps to enhance the wisdom that comes naturally from years of experience. Such wisdom is natural to that end of life, enabling us to be in touch with our spiritual selves, to perceive a higher purpose in life and to experience inner peace. It is a remedy to use during changes and transitions, as it enhance the sage in all of us.'

This essence is available through FES.

I had not read this before I typed it out of the book, but, as usual the wisdom of the plant kingdom chose exactly the essence that I myself need at this time. If you read my post "2009 - New Year - Fresh Start" on one of my other blogs, you will see how this essence is relevant.

For those of you not familiar to the concept of Plant Wisdom, let me say this. Plants made the planet inhabitable for animals. They came first. The Earth's atmosphere was poisonous to animals until plants converted it. At each stage of evolution, plants made the transitions before animals. So... I suggest we look carefully at the plant kingdom for clues about what's coming next.

Plant gods are at the heart of many of the religions that humans have followed for centuries. Osiris was a god of vegetation for the Egyptians, and in ancient Mayan culture, a Maize God was central. Ancient peoples knew that without the gifts of food brought by plants, we would perish. All of the animals that we eat, rely on plants for food. We do not eat predators, unless we are starving. And usually in that case, the predators get us first!

Currently I am not a vegetarian. I was in the past, but circumstances (living in the Congo) made me see that sometimes you are lucky to get anything to eat and thus it is best to be flexible and grateful for whatever you can get. For awhile, I tried not to eat beings that had faces, but then, when I began to see flowers as faces, that precluded most plants as well. So... what could I eat? Now I tune into my body and see what it needs and wants and I go with that. The only thing I never eat is pork, but, if it were a question of survival, I would probably eat it as well.

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