Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rejuvenating and Cleansing Facial Mask from Chocolate!

So time to get back to my blogging. I finished teaching my Mayan Hieroglyph class, my broken ankle is healed, and I feel re-inspired.

Yesterday I gave a friend a footbath and facial. I have to admit, I was trying out a new recipe and it was a success!

Here's the recipe I got from The Herb Companion, January, 2009 issue and modified a bit.

Mocha Facial Mask
the recipe in the magazine:

4 Tbs. finely ground coffee or expresso
4 Tbs. cocoa powder
8 Tbs. whole milk

I changed it in the following ways:

I substituted powdered milk which meant it can be packaged and transported, and I added granulated bladderwrack (seaweed).

When you are ready to use it, you mix enough water to make a thick paste. Let it sit awhile so that the seaweed moistens. You might have to add more water. You want a thick gluey paste to put on as a mask.

The seaweed adds a nourishing and moisturizing element to the mask.

Spread it over a clean face and neck avoiding eyes and mouth area.

Keep on for around 15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.

My friend loved the way his skin felt afterwards and felt that it had a minor 'face-lifting' effect. (Yes, men care about the effects of aging too.)

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