Sunday, July 20, 2008

Boo Hoo No Bees for Me

Didn't make it to the Melissa Garden. While they were quick to ask for money for the ticket, they didn't bother to send a map. I had no idea where they were. I decided to go to the address they wanted the check sent to. Unfortunately, in this area there are many country roads with the same name. I know, I used to deliver mail around here and it's a nightmare trying to find things. But I do have GPS in my car. The GPS said there was no such address. I drove around for 2 hours on narrow winding country roads. I had called from home before I left - only an answering machine. I called 4 times on my cell phone - only an answering machine. I was growing more and more upset, more and more angry, more and more disappointed. I had been hoping to see this place for months. It is generally not open to the public. It was a class that was advertised through the Master Gardeners of Sonoma County. I had managed to get worked up into such a state I couldn't believe it. I found the day that I had looked forward to for so long, and the day that had started out marvelously, was ruined. I had turned down an opportunity to sell my products at a Wellness Fair and a chance to go to a very special class that only meets occasionally in Albany, in order to see this "famous" bee garden.

I returned home and tried to regain the positive state I had been in before I left, to get back to the projects I had put aside. It was a real struggle. I am better now, but I'm sure the bitterness and disappointment can still be detected in this post.

So I decided to let this be the basis for choosing the "Issue of the Week" which is due to be posted tomorrow. I invite you, my readers, to come up with a positive quality to help alleviate the disappointment I felt. I think this is a matter of learning to let go - something that I believe we will all be faced with in the days to come. I realize that I had become so attached to going to this place, that I literally had a childish tantrum when I was thwarted.

I could have kept this to myself, but I felt it might be useful to share it with you because I believe there is a lesson for all of us.

Again, I invite you, my readers to suggest the "word".

I will, in any case, have an Issue of the Week.

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