Monday, August 23, 2010

Announcing: New Pluto Through the Houses Essences and Aroma-essence Spray

Launched at the recent Evolutionary Astrology Conference in Denver, my latest creation: a set of 12 Pluto Through the Houses Essences. Each one is a blend of flower, gem, and environmental essences intuitively selected to work with the issues related to Pluto in a particular house.
You may work with your natal house placement of Pluto, or where Pluto is currently transiting, or both.
A specially formulated Aroma-essence Spray contains essential oils and the Pluto blend.
See my astrology blog for more info. You can order here or there. Remember to specify which house you want.
To make the medicine go down easier, each essence contains Hazelnut and Pomegranate liqueurs. Yum! Transformation never tasted so good!
Each essence is 2 ounces. The aroma-essence spray is 4 ounces.

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