Friday, August 27, 2010

My Favorite Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils - Young Living

For therapeutic use, I have been using Young Living essential oils for over 12 years. I especially like their blends which I use all the time as perfumes or to affect my mood.

They also make some incredible personal care products and supplements. I love their deodorant and toothpaste, which I use every day.

Young living oils have a depth and complexity you never find in any other oils. I have been to their farm in Utah and seen how they distill their oils. Their Lavender oil is like a vintage wine, multi-layered and evocative.

Gary Young is the only person in the essential oil industry who personally goes to every location where the plants are grown and where oils are distilled. More and more, they are growing and distilling so as to ensure the supply and the quality.

Essential oils are like other commodities traded in the world. They are subject to political, economic and climate conditions just like food items and other raw materials. By growing their own plants and producting their own oils, Young Living is better able to control how plants are grown and processed, which makes all the difference in the final product.

Check out my personal Young Living website. Sign up for the essential rewards program where you get credits for everything you buy which you can redeem for free products. By becoming a member, you can get in on special promotions.

You can make money selling Young Living products. As a distributor, you get a percentage on all sales by people you sign up.

I also like Young Living for its ongoing training and customer support. They want you to know about their products and how to use them.

To start out, I recommend the Essential Seven kit. These oils are like a first-aid kit with so many uses, you'll wonder what you ever did without them. I have made a mini-set to take with me when I travel.

One summer, I went on a four day camel trip into the Sahara desert in Morocco. Obviously, you can't take much baggage on such a trip. I made a set of a dozen or so mini bottles of oils which I carried in a fanny pack. I passed around the Peppermint when people got headaches or nausea, Lavender for wounds, and stress.

That was the 'trial by fire' - my test as to whether oils work or not. I can truly say they are the first choice in treatment, no matter what the issue. I even use oils for preventing the usual ailment travelers get.... I take a drop of Frankincense oil with every meal. It works for me. I never have to run to the bathroom.

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