Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chocolate Mermaids and....

New items in my Etsy store including Chocolate Mermaid Soap - containing cocoa which is very good for your skin - when used externally. The cocoa absolute and the cocoa create such a yummy smell, I have to remind people it's soap. A great stocking stuffer for Christmas.

Also, my Hammam bars in two sizes, inspired by the Moroccan traditional bath. On my tour, I encourage everyone to have the hammam experience - NOT coed. The soap contains all the elements used in the bath, but blended in a product which is more user-friendly to Americans.

With kelp, argan oil, nigella oil, ghassoul (red clay from the Atlas Mtns.) beldi (a black soap made from olives) and a slight rosemary scent, this soap can be used on your face and hair as well.

Anubis - a solid perfume with a scent inspired by Egypt. One of my perfume creations, in the "oriental" class, in jojoba oil and beeswax.

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