Monday, November 3, 2008

Issue of the Week - Nov 3 - Nov 9

LOVE Is All There Is!

In 1969, I had "Love is All You Need" painted on the wall of my tiny apartment. True then and even truer now. In fact, now I know that Love Is All There Is.

I have just returned from the 2012 Conference in San Francisco and had all my paradigms updated. From now on, it's full tilt boogie, folks. What I learned will be unfolding and it might now be time to launch my next blog. But for today, I will stick with the agenda that has been established here for Mondays.

To work with Love in all the Chakras, the Rose Chakra Flower Essences from Luna Fina.

Red Rose: expands and strengthens connection to earth and sky.

Orange Rose: teaches harmony, helps overcome known fears and phobias.

Yellow Rose: is radiant and warmly guides your own sun home.

Green Rose: travels deep into the heart and is the key to knowing what is in your heart.

Pink Rose: brings unconditional love and the gift of ease in expressing love for self and others.

Blue/Mauve Rose: is the messenger of trust in self and in your intuition.

Violet Rose: awakens you to love and light, releasing resentments.

I met Annabella many years ago at the Sonoma County Herb Association Herb Festival, which used to be held on the Santa Rosa Junior College campus. Now they just have mini festivals in Sebastopol.

She was a delightful spirit, a light being. I have learned a lot from her over the years - and she teaches by her example. Please visit her website.

I acquired my set of Rose Chakra Flower Essences as a premium by donating to KPFA. One set was being given for certain-sized donation and I jumped at it. The set itself was brand new and cost nearly as much as the donation so it was a "Two For" (I am having a "two for" over at my Astrology blog through the sign of Scorpio).

The transformation that is now manifesting in the outer world as the collapse of the economy, has been predicted as part of a purification process for planet Earth. The predictions come from many cultures. It is painful, it is scary. The tendency is to constrict.

Simply put, the remedy is Love, Love and more Love. When you feel fear clutching at your belly, take deep breaths and open your heart even wider. Sing, dance, breath, hug your kids, your cats, your dogs, each other. Cling only to Love and let everything else go. Everyone who has ever been through a disaster knows that when everything is gone, Love is the only thing that matters. Why wait? Love Now!

Rose Essential Oil has the highest frequency and can assist with this releasing process. You should only use high quality natural essential oils, so if Rose is outside of your budget, a good quality of Rose Geranium can substitute. The scent we identify as rose is a particular molecular formula and it is present in different quantities in several plants.

When we smell something, the molecules of the scent "dock" at certain places on our olfactory nodes like keys in locks. This interaction - a type of love, causes chemical reactions and changes in our brain. This is the explanation at the physical level - one aspect of reality.

I designed the 7 Rose Heart Chakra Rub - see my Etsy store - as part of the Rose Resonance Work that I channelled via my Egyptian Guides last year after I returned from Morocco. I will be leading a tour of Morocco next May, 2009. See my website.

The lotion bar is designed to be rubbed on the heart chakra, especially during prayer or meditation. It can also be used to help you relax into love.

The things I offer here are to help you facilitate your own process. They will not do the work for you. You have to take responsibility for your own awakening. The plant messengers come in many forms. They are present in flower essences and essential oils. They gently nudge you when you want their help, they don't push or nag.

OmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez, a Mayan spiritual leader from Guatemala, who spoke at the 2012 Conference, said that Forgiveness is a key element in Love. He said that after all the things that have happened to the Indigenous People in the Americas, they are still open-hearted. If you have ever travelled among them, you know it's true. He said if we could forgive all that, then.....

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