Monday, November 10, 2008

Issue of the Week - Nov 10 - Nov 16


I am ecstatic about the results of the election. Not only for this country, but for the world. The U.S. has so much influence globally. We have regained the respect of the rest of the world by electing Obama. We now demonstrate what we have always stood for - freedom, acceptance, opportunity, progress. I have not felt this happy for quite awhile and it is wonderful. I feel that anything is possible.

Obama's election has had an electrifying effect on people, who are both laughing and crying for joy. I feel it bubbling up in me randomly throughout the day.

Joy is our natural state. As young children, we experienced joy on a regular basis. Our families may have celebrated that or not. As we grow up we are expected to "get serious" and "wipe that stupid grin off your face" or whatever.

So, to celebrate Joy or to help remove the obstacles to Joy:



Mariposa Lily

Strawberry Cactus

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