Sunday, February 1, 2009

Back in the Saddle

I'm back, sort of. My computer is still not fixed, but I have so much work to do I just will live with it for another few weeks. See the story on my other blog

Friday night Matthew Wood was at Rosemary's Garden in Sebastopol. He spoke mainly about adrenal and thyroid support. He said one of the over all best herbs to use is Melissa, which I have growing wild all over my place. When I first moved in I thought it was a weed and started trying to eradicate it. Well, I have to say it does take over, so if you are planning to plant it, be careful. Then I found out it was good for depression, stomach ache, stress, and many other things. In fact Matthew recommended it for thyroid issues in cats. I plan to make a strong tea and try to get it into Grace. Cats will not take alcohol tinctures.

Meanwhile I have started another blog! This one is on 2012. I am currently devouring every book I can find on the topic.

And I will be back tomorrow with the Issue of the Week.

When I first started blogging, I was putting all my stuff on one blog. When I joined Entrecard, I looked at loads of blogs. I realized it is better to focus on one topic, so I started this one. Then I needed one for astrology and now I need one for Mayan stuff. I did start one on my cats, but they don't do anything but sleep, eat and .... and taking pictures of that is boring, so it does not get many posts. I guess I could show them sleeping on the bed, the chair, in the box... Wow.

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