Monday, February 16, 2009

Issue of the Week - Feb 16 - Feb 22

Animal Care

Many of us have animals in our lives. Beloved pets who are often part of the family. There are many essences listed in The Flower Essence Repertory by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz. Many issues are addressed. I will make this part of a series. This week I will focus on calming animals that have either undergone trauma or are innately high-strung.

Arnica Shock, trauma, illness, injury, surgery

Aspen Unknown fear or terror in an animal; especially indicated when treating wild or nervous animals

Cherry Plum Extreme tension or stress, such as a terrified animal that is trapped

Five Flower Formula For any form of stress or emergency, or when uncertain of which remedy to use (functions like Crisis Formula or Rescue Remedy)

Mimulus Nervous conditions in animals; good for jittery horses or shy animals who hide from people

Penstemon Illness or trauma; gives inner strength during adverse circumstances

Red Clover Calming to hysterical animals, particularly cats; can be used effectively when taking an animal to a veterinarian for treatment

Vervain For hyperactive, overly tense animals

In general, cats do not like alcohol. One way to administer the essences is to put them first in boiling water, so the alcohol evaporates, then cool the water and add to drinking water. I sometimes put the drops on the front paw. The cat will then lick them off instinctively.


Ravyn said...

This is nifty; I've always wondered about how herbs and animals get along. Keep it up!

Maria said...

Wow! What a helpful post for what we are experiencing with our cats. Thanks for sharing!