Monday, March 16, 2009

Issue of the Week - March 16 - March 22


Although we had this 'issue' before, I want to approach it again, because it is very important. Now that we have a new president, elected because we all wanted a change, many people are feeling that things should get better instantly. One problem with this is that the conditions that led to the problems did not materialize overnight and cannot be fixed overnight. Our fast-food and instant messaging culture has created the need to see instantanious results. Some things just need to fall apart completely so that new things can be born. There has to be room for the new. Unfortunately, what we often focus on is the loss and the destruction, not remembering that Spring comes every year.

Just look outside your window. Of course, I don't know where you live, but here in Northern California the yellow mustard has been blooming in the vineyards for at least a month already. Fruit trees are flowering, my daffodils are out in full blast. And it is still a miracle.

I realized this year when the first flower popped up that something had occurred this winter that made me feel that there would never be another flower. Somehow I had gotten so deeply into doom and gloom that nothing would or could improve. I had lost my sense of trust in the future.

Mind you, my life is good, but with my Moon in Pisces (see my astrology blog), I tend to feel the pain of the world on my shoulders and in my heart. I feel other people's suffering and sometimes I forget that it is not mine. I know there are things one can do to shield themselves and set up stronger boundaries, but this is one of the things I signed up to do in this life.

This tendency to feel other peoples' pain is one reason I decided to do this Issue series in the first place. I believed that since I felt other people's pain, perhaps I could, just as vicariously, help by taking flower essences on their behalf. I have been doing this with my family, friends and cats for years, so why not with other beings?

The issue that I knew was needed for all of us - again - is trust. There's nothing wrong with that. We need to be reminded that's all.

Just before I started writing this today, but had already selected the topic, I got a phone call that I have been waiting for 'in trust' for a month. I will be teaching my Mayan calendar, 2012 class at the Santa Rosa Junior College this summer! I am preparing a CD for the course that will soon be available for sale on my Maya 2012 blog.

Now on to trust. I felt called to look into the Desert Alchemy repertory for this one and found they have many essences for trust. I selected the following:

Transitions Formula


Crownbeard (yellow)


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Rebecca said...

Very good post, and interesting topic. I also feel others pain, and I'm wondering if you have this strange experience that I have...when I see or even think of someone being injured physically, I feel a physical sensation, I can't explain it, sort of like a chill but without being cold. I've had this for as long as I can remember, never discussed it with anyone, I thought it was "normal" until I got older and saw that others don't appear to have this "feeling". If someone tells me they hit their knee awfully hard, I get that feeling in my knee, it only lasts a fleeting moment but it's really noticeable...well it all sounds weird but I wonder nonetheless if anyone else gets this.