Monday, March 23, 2009

Issue of the Week - March 23 - March 29

Venus Retrograde in Aries (a fire sign)

I am pressed for time this week, since I am preparing for an event coming Saturday, March 28 in Sebastopol, CA. The Wellness Fair will be at the Masonic Lodge downtown Sebastopol. I got into the event at the last minute and there are several new products that I am trying to have ready by Saturday. So, rather than be late or post nothing at all, I am posting a short one.

This, actually relates the Venus being retrograde in Aries, because I am busily working on creating some new beautiful and sensuous herbal products made with chocolate. A lip-balm and a massage bar. I also made a flower essence blend for 2012 and tomorrow will make an aromatherapy spray for 2012.

I am featuring two blends from Desert Alchemy one for Venus, one for the element of Fire. Since we are all experiencing this transit somewhere in our charts, it affects us all. Focus on where Aries is in your chart and what (if anything) is aspected by this transit.

Venus Cycles Formula

Fire Element Formula

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