Monday, March 9, 2009

Issue of the Week - March 9 - March 15


Last Friday Venus went retrograde (see my astrology blog for a post on that). One of the tasks for the next 45 days is to review what is of value to us. That includes both tangibles and intangibles - people, things, concepts, whatever. All of it. Do we really care about having... doing... going... being with... etc. Is friendship important to us? Honesty? Our spiritual path? Then if we decide that changes are to be made, it is suggested we wait until after Venus goes direct (April 17th or so) before we actually make any changes.

In the course of our re-evaluation, which means giving value again, or seeing if we want to give value again, we will probably discover that, indeed, there are parts of our lives, people in our lives that we really do care about. That we would rather have them in our lives than not.

Modern life 'teaches' us to be dissatisfied. To want more, to want to be more. We are encouraged to keep looking for something better. This can create a miserable life. No matter what we have, we feel something is missing. On top of that, some of us are taught to feel guilt because we have so much when others have nothing. We often end up wondering how we could feel so bad when we have so much and bad because we want more. Just bad all the time.

Instead, I feel we need to cultivate appreciation for what is. This does not mean we don't continue to strive, to try to accomplish. But it does mean that we love what we have (mind you, I am not including an abusive relationship or addictive, destructive behavior). Don't learn to love that. In cases like that, learn to LOVE YOURSELF more!

This actually leads to having more. I feel that the way it works is that if we cannot appreciate what we have, why should we be given more (that we won't appreciate)? Cultivating appreciation is not a magical method to get more, but it does ensure a level of satisfaction right now with what is rather than constant dissatisfaction. See?

Buttercup Ranunculus occidentalis (yellow)

Positive Qualities: Radiant inner light, unattached to outer recognition or fame.

Patterns of Imbalance: Feelings of low self-worth, inability to acknowledge or experience one's inner light and uniqueness.

In the natural evolution of the soul there are phases of life, if not entire lifetimes, which require that one's essential light be contained in a quiet, simple way. Although such humble expressions may not appear remarkable by outer standards, they are enormously important times

in which the soul gathers inward strength and consolidates its essence. It is important that such souls not judge themselves by conventional standards of achievement and success, becoming afflicted with feelings of self-doubt and diminished self-worth. Rather they need to recognize and honor the inner value and worth of what they truly are. In this way, they are able to shine forth with a radiant inner light that blesses and sanctifies even the most simple tasks and
obligations. Buttercup flower essence helps the soul to realize and sustain its beautiful inner light, which becomes a source of great healing and peace for all whom it contacts.

California Wild Rose Rosa californica (pink)

Positive Qualities: Love for the Earth and for human life; enthusiasm for doing and serving.

Patterns of Imbalance: Apathy or resignation inability to catalyze will forces through the heart.

California Wild Rose is among the most beautiful and fundamental of flower remedies,for it helps the soul to incarnate and really take hold of its responsibilities and tasks on Earth. It is often said that hate is not the opposite of love, only a distortion of it. Rather, it is apathy which is the true polarity of love. The ability to really care and to give oneself to life, to others, and to the Earth characterizes a truly loving soul. Many souls hold back or hesitate, not wanting to experience the pain or challenge of life on Earth. They find it hard to take emotional risks in relationships with others, preferring instead to anesthetize themselves from pain or suffering. Such souls can also suffer from deep-seated social alienation, being unable to rouse the inner fire of the heart toward compassionate caring and activity in the world.

California Wild Rose remedy is useful at all stages of life, but is
particularly helpful for adolescent and young adult souls that are longing to find positive ideals and seeking to serve the world through a calling or vocation. California Wild Rose stimulates the love forces in the heart, so that the soul finds enthusiasm for earthly life, worldly tasks and human relationships.

Sage Salvia officinalis (violet)

Positive Qualities: Drawing wisdom from life experiences, reviewing and surveying one's life process from a higher perspective.

Patterns of Imbalance: Seeing life as ill-fated or undeserved, inability to perceive higher purpose and meaning in life events.

Sage flower essence enables the Self to learn and reflect about life experience., particularly enhancing the capacity to experience deep inner peace and wisdom. This remedy addresses a natural distillation process which occurs as the healthy person ages. Throughout the course of life, trials and tribulations are placed in the soul's path so that it an distill impurities and volatile emotions, reaching an ever more clarified and refined state. Through the aging process, the soul should be able to attain increasing inner stability and peaceful acceptance of
its condition. If one is unable to experience this graceful maturation process, life events seem ill-fated and undeserved, without higher purpose or meaning .The Sage remedy can be helpful during various life phases and transitions, when one needs to step back and consider the unfolding events of life. Through Sage, the soul comes more in touch with its own spiritual meaning and purpose, and thus acquires profound wisdom to heal and counsel others.

Photos of flowers are from The Flower Essence Society website.

The commentary on the essences is from the Flower Essence Repertory by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz

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